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   Merry Christmas 2015!!! 
                             Today turned out to be a Very Eventful Day!! 
       This morning early we made up 36 Sack Lunches, with Peanut Butter/Jelly Sandwiches, Apple, Orange, Snack Cake, Chips and a can of Pasta  with meat  and headed to the camps.  We saw some of our “Regulars”, and even met some new Friends. 
       We ended up handing out all the Sack Lunches, 15 Blankets, Lots of Socks, Two Jackets, Personal Hygiene Products,, Toilet Paper , Candles, Batteries (AAA & D’s) Dog Food wet & dry 

   Merry Christmas 2016

The Christmas Goodie bags had:

PBJ sandwich, chips, crackers or a snack bar, candy, snack cake or cookies,  Toilet paper, Hat, Gloves, 2 prs of socks, Can pasta/meat, spoon, napkin, banana, water and a Nutritional drink, 

as well we handed out lots of blankets, pillows, coates.  

           We appreciate Your Support! We Couldn’t do this without You!!

2019 Christmas Morning Time!!! 

This year we are able to do 100 Christmas Goodie Bags (see below what was in them)


We met Our Goal this year is 100 bags again!! Thanks for helping us make our goal!!!

What was In the Bags:

Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches, Pasta/Meat cans, Small Can of Soup, Vienna Sausages, Breakfast Bars, Candy,  Snacks, Chips, Water, Hats, Gloves, Hand Warmers and 4 pairs of socks!!!!

Thank you to all the Volunteers (Luke, Rose, Billy, Tina, Bill, Laura, KayKay, Bruce, Dee, Bryce, Lease, Glen, Ruth) that came over Christmas Eve and helped set up & bag everything up and Going out Christmas Morning (Bryce, Leasa, Tina, Billy, Bruce, Dee, Brandy, Justin, Brian, Missy)

Helping The Homeless feel a little warmer on

This Christmas Morning!!!

We Appreciate Your Support and We Couldn't do it without You!!

Merry Christmas!!!